Our outbound philosophy.

How do we get such high conversion rates? Find out below.

1. We know that we do not know.

We can make assumptions all day long about what wording, audiences, and channels will work best, but we don't know until we test. At Kindling, we test everything. All our emails go through rigorous testing as we A/B test every sentence to ensure we're operating at the highest conversion rates possible. This goes for who we're reaching out to. Are startups the best market for you? We won't know for sure until we test.

2. People buy when they're ready to buy, not when you're ready to sell.

Most companies have outbound all wrong. They'll send an email on day 1, a follow-up on day 4, and a final email on day 7. How can you truly take up enough mind share with such a short time horizon? To really get high conversion rates, we have to steadily follow-up with our prospects for weeks/months.

3. Gimmicks never work

You will never catch tricks in our emails. We never try to trick our prospects into opening our email through a misleading subject line or get you responses through tricky wording. We're trying to find prospects that would actually get significant value out of your product, so why try to trick them?

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